In The News:

May 16, 2013

You have until Saturday May 18, 2013 Midnight U.S. Eastern Time

to download what you want from this site and then it will go down permanently.

It seems that even if I don’t log into virtual worlds and even if I don’t read forums, tweets, blogs and news on virtual worlds, somehow it still affects me. I work hard at trying to help people. And over and over again those same people that I help step on me. And I am wondering if I can trust anyone at all. I’m left to wonder if there are really any good people in the world. I am left to wonder if I can trust any of my friends. I still get emails from people who need a logo or want something special for the grid they are starting up. I get people who need a special outfit or avatar and they want me to make it for them. In most cases I do it for them, even if they are strangers to me. I expect something for it… not money…. just that feeling of “I am a good person who did something nice for someone and made their life a little bit better”. And in many  cases  I get something totally different, I get screwed over. And when I get screwed over my claws come out and I am mean and hateful and I become a person that I don’t like at all.

I don’t make money at this. I have literately 3 people who donate to my website from time to time (you know who you are and please know that  I very much appreciate that).  And the nice emails I get seem to sink into a deep dark hole the minute I get a bad one. Love should trump hate but in my world it doesn’t for some reason. So please understand that this isn’t about money at all.

I don’t know how much further away I can get from virtual worlds. The only way I could get further away is to shut down this site and delete all of my email accounts, skype contacts, facebook, contacts and give up all of my old friends. The world is too evil and I can’t deal with evil.

So please take this bit of news as a warning that you need to get anything you want now. Grab it and give it out yourself … set up a website or something….but don’t expect too much gratitude from people because you will be let down.

Also I won’t do anything special for anyone again. I will not take requests for logos, graphics, special builds or projects (paid or unpaid). Don’t ask. If you didn’t download something don’t write me asking for it. I’m sure someone out there will have a copy for you.

I gave it one final shot and tried to still do nice things and to stay away from everything virtual. Somehow people still drag me in and make me part of their drama, problems or battle and then turn on me. This just happened to me from a girl that I thought was a nice lady that I was trying to help. She stabbed me in the back. That was the last straw. I don’t need this shit anymore. I’m tired of struggling and trying to be what everyone out there thinks I should be.

All of my websites will go down as of midnight Saturday May 18,2013 U.S. Eastern Time (Sunday morning if I fall asleep before midnight). All of the files will be removed from their databases. The domains will be put up for sale or I will just let them go or whatever at some point. Here is a little tip for you… Most of the things on the website are also in OARs. So if you download the oars you should most everything except for maybe my newest items that you can find on the NEW page here on this site.

The same TOS applys to anything you have that I have made. That’s not changing just because I won’t be around. So do what you want with this crap.

My emails … [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] will be available for a short time until I can get all of my accounts with shopping sites and such switched to another email. Both of my twitter accounts will be deleted (I tried to delete the old one already once and it didn’t take but I’ll try again). I will keep my facebook because my mom likes me to have it to play scrabble on the iPad with her. And it’s harder than hell to delete a facebook account. But I will be deleting anyone virtual off of it and making it as private as I can (please don’t be offended… It’s not you… it’s me). Don’t look over your shoulders and expect that I am hanging around as some alt. I haven’t been in  world in a couple of months now and I certainly don’t intend on it now. I am going the other direction and leaving all that way behind me.

And as a little “Fuck you” to OSGrid and the way they demonize innocent family roleplay by banning child avatars from their plazas  I started making an inner child OAR. It’s not finished but I will post it here so that you can grab it if you want. Try it out. It’s actually kind of freeing to pretend to be a child with no cares in the world.





May 7, 2013

A little update….

I can still put up ad’s for free for anything virtual world (read the news of April 25, 2013 below for more information). I’ve been very busy lately and so I haven’t been getting as much up on my website as I would like but that should be changing soon and I should be able to spend a bit more time at my computer.

My life is busy right now with taking my youngest daughter to her physical therapy a couple times a week and doing it with her at home daily, doing yard work around my house now that the weather is nice, keeping up my house and budget and trying to find a diet that I can stick with. I’ve gone back to doing some crafting and am starting work on the re-decorating of my home office. My oldest daughter just got a new roommate (someone you all know) and I have spent the last couple of weekends helping her with her house that is also going through a partial reconstruction. We got him moved in yesterday and today things are settled down enough for me to find time again to get back to work on

I keep getting emails and/or skype messages from people who are assuming that I am still in virtual worlds in hiding. I just want to make it clear that I am not in virtual worlds in any form whatsoever. Anyone that knows me knows that I am not good at hiding. If I were out there someone would know it. I’m very much immersed in my real life. I don’t read virtual world tweets, blogs, forums, news or anything of that kind. It’s better for me to be kept in the dark about what goes on in world. I power up my standalone that I have on my computer that does NOT have hypergrid so that I am sure to always be by myself and I create there when I have time. This process is working for me and helping my mental health tremendously  so, even though I thoroughly appreciate all of the invites that I have been getting to come back in world and visit people’s sims, I am going to stick to what I’m doing now. And, yes, I miss OpenSim a lot at some points. But I miss it in the same way that I miss smoking. I know that it was an addiction to me and that it was unhealthy for me and yet I still crave it (smoking and opensim).

I have a million ideas of things that I want to create for my website and I will be working on those and others. Here is a small list of things that you may see on the site in the near future (in no particular order).

  • English Garden OAR
  • More Costumes
  • A Mesh Category
  • Recreational OAR
  • Summer Clothing Templates

Also I am thinking that it is time for me to learn some scripting so you may see a script category on my site soon as well.



April  25, 2013


The website now has ad space on the footer of the page. I have put in seven ad spaces  that will change to other ads when the page is refreshed or when someone navigates to another page on this website. I am giving this ad space out free to anyone who has anything to do with virtual world that is yours and you would like to have  advertised. I reserve the right to reject any ad that I don’t want shown on my site for whatever reason.

1. The ad needs to be for something permanent such as a one store, in world store, grid, blog, forum, news source, directory, service etc. I cannot do ad’s for things like events and such unless it is an event that is held on a regular basis.

2. The ad must be for something that relates to virtual worlds in some way.

3. The ad needs to be a graphic size of  200 x 200.

4. If you have something that you want to advertise but you don’t have a graphic for it then just let me know and I will design one for you free of charge. ( I enjoy doing that).

Just email me at [email protected] if you would like an ad placed free.



April  24, 2013

The website is now fixed thanks to my friend Timothy Rogers. Tim helped me in seconds to do what it would have taken me late into the evening to do.

All links should now work and all the old websites should now automatically come to this new page.




April  22, 2013


I have recently combined all of my websites into this one. All of the content from,, and are now all on one site for easy access.

With this new site I have been trying to add at least one new creation daily. To get updates follow my new account @zadaroo on twitter.

I am still not in any virtual worlds. I do all of my creations on my closed standalone. If you need to get in touch with me feel free to email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

I hope that you enjoy the new website.

Linda Kellie Henson