Setting Up Your Own Standalone With HyperGrid!

Alright so I been seeing some people need help setting up a standalone that has working hypergrid enabled. So I am here to show you how you can setup your own little mini grid/standalone.Step 1
Navigate to:
Download the: 0.7.5 Version of Diva Distro or click here

Step 2
Now we need to get a database server, my favorite and most recommended is MariaDB.

1. Navigate to:
2. Click the Download button in the top right
3. Now select the download for 5.5 as depicted in the image below

4. Now you need to pick the .msi file that matches your system if your 32bit or 64bit. If your unsure just pick 32bit!

5. Now we need to install it, just click next till you see the fallowing screen below

6. At the screen above you need to pick a password you can remember then click next
7. Now we need to configure your my.ini to allow bigger packets, this is simple I promise. (We need to do this so that you can upload big textures and mesh etc.) Go to your start menu and then MariaDB then click the edit my.ini file

8. Now we need to add the fallowing line at the end of the [mysqld] section “max_allowed_packet=60M” and should look like the file below then save and close it. (I added space so you could tell where it was)

9. Now we need to make the database so launch the HiediSQL application

10. Click “New” in the bottom corner then where it says “Password” put in the password you chose earlier
11. Now we need to make the database, by clicking the highlighted part in the image below

12. Now we need to name it, I am going to name it “standalone” for the purposes of this demonstration (ALWAYS USE LOWERCASE ONLY FOR DATABASE NAMES)

13. Click “OK” then your done with this part and can close this application

Step 3
If you are doing this on your home system, the chances are you don’t have a static IP address so go register for a FREE account at then login.

1. You should see this after you login

2. Click on “Add a Host” and then you should see this page

3. Now pick an address at the hostname section, leave “DNS Host (A)” selected, the rest of the options are not important
4. Now you need install their application that monitors if your IP changes and fixes your hostname.

5. Now after install you will need to login to the application, then click “Edit Hosts” like in the screen below, and check the box next to your host and click “Save”

6. Make sure everything turns greed like this image:

Step 4
Now we need to unzip and navigate into the diva distro folder, more specifically this exact folder inside.

Then change MyWorld.ini.example to MyWorld.ini and then open the file.

1. First replace all the “” with your host name if you have notepad++ you can do this with the find and replace tool like this

2. Find “[DatabaseService]” and set “Database=standalone” then the “User ID=root” then “Password=” this is an image of what it should look like

3. Now we need to setup and name the grid, so find “[WifiService]” and setup the name of the grid, the admin account first, last, email, and password and put in your gmail information if you want grid emails to work

Step 5

1. Now to start your standalone for the first time, find the OpenSim.32bitLaunch.exe and launch it
2. If everything was successful you should be brought to this screen:

3. Answer all questions like normal till you get to the fallowing external host name, then put in your host like in the image below but your address

4. Now the rest is normal, but if you want to add another region use the fallowing command “create region Regions.ini”

5. Remember each region has to run on a different port, so make sure you have your ports open.

Now your done!!!

Just visit your site in your browser http://{hostname}:9000/wifi